Relastin Eye Silk

Relastin Eye SilkAllure magazine has picked it’s best beauty and skincare treatments for 2009, and Relastin Eye Silk Firming Complex was named the best for treating under eye bags and puffiness. It is a topical skin treatment that stimulates new elastin growth, which results in tighter, more supple skin and a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles around the eyes.

How it works: Elastin is the protein in young skin that makes it spring back after every smile or frown.  With time, elastin production diminishes.  So the delicate under-eye skin can start to wrinkle or sag. Relastin eye silk clinically demonstrates an increase in elastin and significantly improves elasticity in the eye area.

The results: fewer lines and wrinkles, less puffiness and dark circles.

Reviews: out of 19 surveyed who have used the product over 3 weeks, Relastin Eye Silk received 4.5 out of 5 stars, and some of the complaints were directed at the bottle and pump.

Costs: $69 at