Suffer from oily skin? No problem. There is no need for you to buy those products made for oily skin unless you need them or unless your dermatologist requires you to because there are now gadgets you can use to improve your skin’s condition. Before we go ahead and describe to you some of these products however, you should make sure that you do some research before you make a purchase.

The Rotating Facial Cleansing Brush Set sold at $16.99 by major retailers is a battery run facial brush that works as a deep pore cleanser. You can push the “low” button for daily cleansing or the “high” button if you would like to exfoliate.

The Ozone Cleansing Beauty Device usually sold at $119 utilizes a high frequency current that serves as a way to detoxify the skin. This product has an antiseptic effect and is wonderful for people with oily skin.

Want more products for your skin type? Why don’t you look for the HS-3050 LED Light Therapy Massager? Also known as FACE Focus HS, this product eliminates wrinkles with frequent use. It also rejuvenates the skin through the use of blue photo light. This skincare gadget is listed at $180 in major skincare stores.  

For those with oily skin and acne, the Ozone Anti-Acne Kit may come in handy. This is a very versatile handheld device that utilizes ozone giving it the power to detoxify the skin and get rid of bacteria. It also sterilizes, deodorizes and whitens the skin.

The SEL-3699 Diamond Peel Microdermabrasion Machine may be quite expensive but this gadget is a professional grade diamond peel machine. If you no longer want to go to the spa just to get a diamond peel, you might as well purchase this item and use it at home. This gadget will unclog your skin’s pores and will prevent them from clogging too.


We are a bunch of vain people. This is a fact but since everyone wants to be more beautiful, it is not considered a bad thing to care for oneself. This vanity however has made skin care technology develop new products to satisfy a growing client base.

Here are a few of the newest gadgets that offer galvanic facials:

4 in 1 Galvanic Facial Massager

This FDA registered product utilizes galvanic current to facilitate pore cleansing –deep pore cleansing to be exact. This technology makes it possible to emulsify sebum and other debris on the skin. The massage function on the other hand recovers the damage caused by the harmful rays of the sun. It also does nutrient penetration to cleanse the skin deeper. Aside from all these, the massager also has a skin lifting function through the use of micro-current. This means that this product promotes natural healing of the skin while it cleanses it and also improves the skin’s texture and your complexion.

Galvanic Skincare System (iLift)

So you have your iPhone and your iPod. If you want to improve the general appearance of your skin, you should get an iLift. Yes you read that right. This is a technologically advanced home use galvanic skincare massager that improves the skin’s vitality. Much like the 4 in 1 Galvanic Facial Massager, this gadget cleanses, massages, lifts and keeps the skin nourished with essential vitamins. This product is from NuSkin –one of the biggest home base skincare gadget producers. The great thing about this is that you don’t have to get a facelift anymore, all you have to do is purchase the product online from official distributors and use it frequently.

These are just two of the galvanic massagers one can find. There are more under this skincare line. If you are interested in buying these products, it may be best to search for them in your favorite online shop. 

Taking Care Of Your Skin
So you decided to go to the tropics to experience the sun, the beach and well, the festive atmosphere. Now when you got to your destination, you suddenly realize that your skin is experiencing certain changes –this could be red blots on your face or the rest of your body because of the heat, or your skin is getting oilier by the second.

Being in a tropical country means you would have to deal with oily skin especially if your skin is naturally oily. It would be best to stick to water-based moisturizers and water-based sunscreen when in the tropics because the weather in these areas will only exacerbate the activities of your sebaceous glands.  Be armed with a facial wash wherever you go so you can wash your face whenever it starts to produce too much oil.
Taking Care Of Your Skin

If your skin is dry, the weather in the tropics might improve it a little –this means you would have to use less of your oil based moisturizers than you usually do though so you don’t get oily skin.

Skin care must-haves when in the tropics include sunscreen. The whiter your skin is, the more you’d need sunscreen to protect you from UV rays. Make sure that you follow instructions on the package and apply sunscreen as often as indicated.

It would also be best to bring an umbrella with you or if you are trying to get a tan or would like to get a tan for that matter, make sure that you do not soak up the sun in the middle of the day. Getting your tan in the morning or mid-afternoon would be best –and make sure you wear sunscreen too.

There may be a few insects you would need to ward off when in the tropics. There are lots of mosquitoes in these places so be sure to bring mosquito repellent lotions or creams in case you plan to go gallivanting at night or in the afternoon –this will protect not only your skin but also prevent you from getting either malaria or dengue.


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Sircuit Skin O.M.G.

As a skin care junkie, I’m always wary when a new product comes along with claims that it’s the best of the best in anti-aging treatments. I usually wait until the product has been out awhile and read reviews from people who bought and used the product. The latest and greatest in skincare is Sircuit Skin, and apparently they are the real deal.All of their products (6 in all) have received five out of five stars across the board, based on reviews from several stores with multiple reviewers at each.

From my research Sircuit Skin is the perfect combo of geek and chic. They use chiral technology to purify all their ingredients, which basically means they only take the part of each ingredient molecule that is going to be the most effective and friendly to your skin. All the products are super concentrated (no fillers), so you get a ton of bang for the buck, and because they are made in small batches they’re extra fresh too.

The most popular anti aging Sircuit Skin product is their O.M.G. Anti-Aging Skin Resuscitating Serum. It’s key ingredients are Epidermal Growth Factor that stimulates cell growth, Squalane that moisturizes and repairs the skin, and Green Tea is the anti-aging antioxidant. $148 for a 1 oz. bottle. Sircuit Skin is available here.

Remedies For Dry Skin

Tired of your dry skin? Do not fret, a lot of people have this problem. If your skin does not produce enough oil, it would be best to look for a good moisturizer that you can use on a daily basis.

Environmental factors such as sun exposure, humidity and cold weather. Excess makeup can also dry the skin. It would also be best to avoid using harsh astringents so your skin does not dry entirely.

Applying grapeseed oil on your skin is a good home remedy for dry skin. Another home remedy is applying olive oil or coconut oil on the skin overnight –this would reactivate your sebaceous glands producing more oil for the skin. After the oil application, you can take a bath with your regular soap or a milder soap so your skin does not dry up.


Another method you can try is to apply cream on your body and your face, let it sit there for an hour then take a bath using a moisturizing wash.

Are Moisturizing Soaves The Answer?

There are different types of moisturizing soaves and shower gels you can use. All throughout history, soaps that moisturize the skin are associated with the rich –moisturizing soaves were a luxury. Today however, such soaves are now available for everyone and more often than not, it might even be hard to choose which moisturizing soap one should use.

When choosing a moisturizing soap or a moisturizer for that matter, it is always best to take a look at the ingredients used for the soap itself.

There are many moisturizing soaves that use almond oil, milk and olive oil –these are usually quite expensive but if you are willing to make your skin look younger and moisturized for that matter, these are usually quite expensive but if you are willing to make your skin look younger and moisturized for that matter, you might as well get these kinds of soaves. 

Understanding Cosmetic Labels

When buying cosmetics, it is advisable for one to know what each product contains. This is the reason why it is important to read the label but what if you do not understand what the label says?

Most of the additives in grooming products are harmless unless you have certain allergies or if you have very sensitive skin.

Here are common additives used for cosmetics. The list also includes additives for hair care products.

Understanding Cosmetic Labels 2

Acacia – this makes hair products thicker. It also helps in controlling unmanageable hair.

Allantoin – this is an agent that soothes the skin and also aids in healing abrasions or wounds. It is usually added to lotions and shaving creams or gels.

Cetyl alcohol –softens skin and makes it feel smoother. It usually added in foundations, deodorants, lotions and creams.

Isopropyl alcohol –this is included in most lotions because it dissolves colorants among other ingredients.

Petrolatum –this ingredient is also known as petroleum jelly. It has the ability to seal in moisture in the skin and also acts as a protective film. This ingredient is used in eye shadows, creams and depilatories.

Polysorbates –polysorbates make it possible to keep water and oil intact in lotions and other skin care products. They are also used in deodorants and baby products.

Propylene glycol – this is a humectants, it helps keep the skin moisturized. It is usually found in shaving lotions and creams, spray deodorants, and mascaras.

Sorbitol – this ingredient smoothens skin and keeps the skin moisturized. It can be found in hair sprays and beauty masks.

You may notice that most of the additives in skin care and hair care products act as moisturizers. These additives are harmless most of the time. It is important however that you only buy skin care products from places you can trust because there are people who sell counterfeit cosmetics and these may contain ingredients that will cause discomfort or certain irritations.


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