Refissa, a new topical formulation of Tretinoin, has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Refissa is the only 0.05% prescription strength, fragrance-free, emollient-based Tretinoin Cream specifically indicated for dry skin. 

Among topical retinoids, Tretinoin is the gold standard of treatments, and Refissa, formulated in a moisturizing base, is an ideal option for mature patients with drier photo damaged skin or people with normal to dry skin.

Refissa contains tretinoin, a derivative of vitamin A, and works deep at the skin's cellular level to increase collagen, which the body produces less of with age. Refissa has been proven in a clinical trial to be effective in the treatment of fine facial wrinkles, tactile roughness of the skin, as well as irregular pigmentation from the sun.

You have to get a prescription to buy this product, so call your dermatologist/ Go to for a $20 rebate coupon.

Apple Stem Cells in Skin Care 1

Just like trends, a beauty ingredient can suddenly become a fad. The latest is apple stem cells, specifically those from the Swiss Uttwiler Spatlauber apple, which is known for staying fresh longer than other apples. In products including 3Lab Super h Serum and Clark's Botanicals Cellular Lifting Cream, the cells slow down aging, according to the companies. Experts are intrigued but cautious. Currently the only study on the cells was conducted by Mibelle Biochemestry, the ingredient manufacturer for these companies. The study results showed that the apple cells can protect the longevity and activity of existing skin cells, and possibly stimulate new skin cells, all of which makes the skin look younger.

Apple Stem Cells in Skin Care 2Apple Stem Cells in Skin Care 3

Neocutis Blanche Skin Lightening Cream

Neocutis Blanche Skin Lightening Cream is a new treatment in the fight against freckles, sun spots, and age related spots. It is prescription strength hydroquinone (4%) combined with a complex called Melaplex to battle visible spots plus ones that have yet to emerge.

How it works: In addition to hydroquinone, Blanche contains a compound that selectively inhibits the enzyme that triggers melanin formation without significantly stressing the skin cell itself, as hydroquinone alone may do. Then another compound limits melanin's building blocks from entering into pigment producing cells. A third ingredient then aims to inhibit the trip melanin makes from pigment producing cells to the top layer of the skin. And the last helps to prevent sunlight - the most common cause of spots - from triggering the formation of spots in the first place. Currently Neocutis is conducting a clinical trial to compare the skin lightening effects of prescription only Blanche to prescription only hydroquinone.

What the Experts Say: A Dermatologist at Yale School of Medicine says, " I love this product. Hydroquinone acts on existing pigmentation effectively, but Blanche adds another pathway to block the pigmentation process. And because it's free of potentially of irritating ingredients like glycolic acid and parabens, it's suitable for people with sensitive skin."

Anti-Aging Line from SK-II 1Anti-Aging Line from SK-II 2

Asian women are obsessed with SK-II, and since they have such beautiful skin I think I'll give the products a look. The brand will be introducing the new SKIN SIGNATURE SERIES for Fall 2009, following a dermatological study revealing that each individuals skin has a tipping point, where elasticity and resilience begin to decrease more rapidly (I think that point is between 40-50 for most women).  To help stave off the onset of tipping point effects, SK-II researched a bounty of ingredients, and introduces Oli-Vityl, derived from Tuscan olives to increase anti-oxidant activity and further promote elasticity and resilience.

The new line sounds promising, we will have to hit the counters to test it out next month!  

Avon Anew Reversalist 1Avon Anew Reversalist 2

Avon's newest skin care treatment line is Anew Reversalist, and it includes a Night Renewal cream and Reneual Serum that addresses moderate signs of aging. It is the first product with Activenol.

Wrinkles are actually a result of micro-injuries to the skin. Therefore, Avon scientists studied how a cut heals. When you get a cut, it triggers the production of a key repair molecule, Activin. Research, testing, and review has resulted in a discovery by Avon scientists: how to activate this key repair molecule. Anew's Activinol technology is designed to boost Activin, helping skin's repair process to recreate fresh new skin and help reverse the look of wrinkles. With Anew Reversalist, Avon is the 1st to use a patent-pending, complex including 2 exclusive biologically derived Phytochemicals:
Amorphophallus— stimulates Activin production to help trigger skin's repair process
Sesbania— boosts skin's support structures to help deliver firmer, less wrinkled skin

The results: (based on both a clinical study and customer survey) In 2 weeks 88% said their skin looked younger and 100% saw improvements in discoloration with a daily regimen of both the day and night treatments.

Bottom line: For the money, it's worth a try. $27 for the day cream and $39 for the serum at

Clinique Even Better 1Clinique Even Better 2

The latest and greatest from Clinique is their Even Better skin care line. It promises to deliver a clearer complexion, clearing up sun damage, sun spots, age spots, and even acne scarring. An even toned skin is a younger appearing skin, as I would know first hand working furiously to try and fade my sun damage. The Even Better products are said to work for all ethnicity's. Results are said to start to appear within 4 to 6 weeks, but even faster if you use the two products together.

I haven't tried this product, but at this price point I will. I had been using the very expensive Obaji, and the costs are simply unsustainable (about $300 to $500 a month for the whole line). The Clinique products are $39.50 and $42.50 respectively. Available at>>.

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