Face Uplift Without Surgery

The latest in skincare technology comes in the form of radio waves called Ultherapy. With no surgery or downtime this non-invasive treatment can have you looking younger without disrupting your schedule?

This unique treatment uses ultrasound technology to penetrate the deepest layers of skin to tighten and re-tone your skin and the muscle. This allows the body to produce more collagen. Stimulating collagen production allows proteins to strengthen your skin naturally. Leaving you with tighter youthful looking skin that is supposed to continue to improve for months after your first treatment.?

You can get Ultherapy treatments in Dallas from cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Charles Wallace. Dr. Wallace says that he believes in the treatment and has personally benefited from having Ultherapy treatments along with some of his staff. The results are meaningful and continue to improve for months after receiving treatment.

This treatment is perfect for those not wanting or needing a surgical facelift. It can be used on the face neck and now is FDA approved for the decolletage, chest area.?