non invasive face lifts

Non-Invasive Facelifts

The Facts About PeelsMy mother used to say that it pays to be vain but going under the knife just to look younger is something that I am quite scared of so before exploring facelift and other surgical procedures that will make my face look better than it is now, I did my research on whether there is a non-surgical facelift that will work.

And what I have found is quite interesting because thanks to the advent of technology, there are now facelifts that are otherwise effective. However, if your face is already “drooping”, there would really be a need for you to go under the knife. A short recovery of course is possible and if you get a good doctor, it will give you better results. There are also less invasive facelifts according to Larry S. Nichter, MD, a plastic surgeon in Orange County and these include what they call as the Quick Lift or LiteLift and the S-Lift. Some doctors also recommend the LifeStyle Lift.

Another doctor from the Bay Area, Dr. Sam Most, MD said that it is not a good idea to call non-invasive facelifts as non-surgical facelifts because they should be called non-surgical facial rejuvenation. According to him, non-surgical facial rejuvenation does not work the way a facelift surgery would but he did mention in one forum that if you do not want something invasive, you can do an energy transfer through radio frequency or infrared to give a little heat to the deeper facial tissues and basically this would result to a tighter looking face and in effect it would make you look younger.

According to Dr. Brooke R. Seckle, a good way to lift the face is to use fillers and that there is a big chance of getting improvement on your face especially when it comes to wrinkles and other signs of aging.